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USA General Contractors Corp. specializes in masonry restoration and repair using our almost three decades of experience, restoration rebuilding and repair techniques, and quality materials to restore old and crumbling structures from buildings, monuments, landmarks, and more in and around New Jersey. Often, we can salvage existing masonry materials by cleaning and reusing them which can help you save money. In instances where materials are no longer usable, we use only the highest quality materials which are selected analyzing your existing masonry’s color and composition. This allows our team of over 50 professionals at USA General Contractors Corp. to mix the perfect mortar to blend the old with the new cohesively while remaining aesthetically pleasing.

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New Jersey is filled with buildings that are rich in history and unique in architectural design that has built over the centuries. As a result, masonry restoration in NJ often requires specialized skill, knowledge, and techniques. At USA General Contractors Corp., we understand that your main objective for your masonry rebuilding project is to repair or replace damaged masonry units while restoring the area to a color and quality that cohesively blends together with the original building. After the completion of your project, no one will know that your structure was ever previously in need of repair after choosing USA General Contractors Corp. as your masonry restoration contractor in NJ.

Masonry Contractor In New Jersey

As New Jersey’s most populous borough with an estimated 2.6 million residents in 2020, Brooklyn’s neighborhoods are saturated with historic buildings and rich architecture. Originally settled in the early 1600s by the Dutch as a farming community, it has now grown into one of the most culturally diverse population centers that house over 700 arts and cultural institutions and some of the oldest buildings in the country. Over time, water infiltration into many older buildings has caused significant corrosion and masonry restoration becomes a must to avoid losing a building altogether. As a result, building owners look to the expertise of USA General Contractors Corp., a premier masonry contractor serving Brooklyn.

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