Dec 6, 2022

From frozen pipes to collapsing roofs, extreme winter weather can cause a variety of problems for commercial buildings’ structure and roof safety. USA GCC of New Jersey understands the importance of maintaining a commercial roof and how to prevent damage from snowfall and extreme temperatures. We want our clients to understand the risks involved when your roof is not prepared for winter weather, and, why it’s so important to hire a professional contractor to remove the snow from your commercial roof. USA GCC has experience in removing ice and snow from flat commercial roofs. For over 20 years we have been providing NJ and the surrounding areas with emergency snow and ice removal services to protect our client from a roof leak and collapse. 

USA GCC encourages their clients to check out this winter storm mitigation  article that explains how to weather the extremes of snow and cold for your commercial building. If you would like to speak with one of our specialists about our commercial roof maintenance programs or snow removal services, Contact USA GCC today.

USA GCC strives to provide the highest level of expertise as our staff of over 50 employees. Our goal is to exceed our client’s expectations from the office to the field. Our crews are closely overseen by supervisors who are on-site daily, as well as a Safety Officer who performs random site inspections to ensure a safe work environment. You never know when a large snowstorm or freezing cold blizzard will land in New Jersey, so make sure you have our number saved! (833) 872-4221