Dec 6, 2022

Commercial flat roofs are not all the same, and the experts at USAGCC take extra care to ensure that we are always up-to-date on all the developments in commercial roofing. There are several types of flat roofs most commonly installed. These include: Built-Up Roof (BUR) also known as the “Hot Tar and Gravel” roofs; Metal Panel roof systems; Modified Bitumen Membranes; Single-ply membranes as in TPO, PVC, and EPDM; and Spray polyurethane foam-based roof systems. At USA GCC, we specialize in understanding all types of flat roofs and the requirements for the selection of the most appropriate choice. 

The article, Five Commercial Flat Roof Systems Explained, featured on commercialroofusa.com, is a good start to understanding the varieties of flat roofs. Please contact us with any questions about understanding these roofing systems. 

Here at USA GCC, we ensure that we only provide the highest level of expertise as our staff of over 50 employees strives to exceed our client’s expectations from the office to the field. Our crews are closely overseen by supervisors who are on-site daily, as well as a Safety Officer who performs random site inspections to ensure a safe work environment. Contact us today by calling (833) 872-4221 to one of our commercial flat roof specialists.